Who we are

Keith Norton set up Inflexion Point Consulting in 2012 because after a 30 year career in industry spanning Defence, Mobile Telecoms, Fixed Telecoms, Service Businesses and Civil Government he realised that businesses all struggle with the same issues. In boardrooms across the planet the same problems are being addressed, sometimes well and sometimes not so well, but if you distill the complexity down to simple basics these issues group under 6 headings:

  1. Delivering Results
  2. Winning Business
  3. Harnessing Innovation
  4. Delivering against Strategy
  5. Making Teams Perform
  6. The Individuals in Teams

Inflexion Point Consulting is there to help your business evolve into overdrive.

Business Evolution

Business Evolution

Inflexion Point Consulting wants you to leverage your strengths and evolve to make that next step be it business growth, portfolio growth, M&A, operational efficiency or collaborative working. Inflexion Point Consulting can get you there, past the “inflexion point” to deliver new benefits and value to your customers, shareholders and employees.

Inflexion Point Consulting uses a number of industry experienced consultants to deliver the change that your business needs.

Together we have over 90 years experience in defence, civil government, mobile telecoms, fixed telecoms, energy companies and service businesses such as:

  • IBM
  • UK Home Office
  • Nokia
  • Astrium
  • National Power
  • ESA
  • C&W
  • Serco
  • GEC

This background makes us ideally placed to help with hands on operational experience in a broad range industries.

The good news is that the business issues that Inflexion Point Consulting is there to help you with are universal. Everyone is struggling with the same issues and often you just need a fresh pair of experienced eyes and the inside track that comes from knowing and understanding what really works and what doesn’t work.

You have heard the expression ‘lend us your watch and we will tell you the time’, Inflexion Point Consulting is different, we work with you to define your journey and then we pilot you through it, celebrate success and then work with you on the next step. Business never stands still.

Many consultancies only help you discover the wrong answers, Inflexion Point Consulting helps you to find the right ones!

Contact us at enquiries@inflexionpointconsulting.co.uk

Copyright 2012 – Inflexion Point Consulting Limited – Registered in England No. 8186317 – Registered Office 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PW


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