Personal Vision Tool

The Universal Success Method

I notice that most sales ‘methods’ and success formula emanate from the USA. I would expect this comes from their history which although short effectively boils down to; “anything is possible”, and “the future is yours”.

Now there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this however I believe in European countries the general position is, “its not as simple as that”, “there is no magical secret to success”.

What this boils down to for me is the difference between tangible objectives and long term vision. Europeans tend to be objective focussed and our American cousins tend to focus on the end vision with the belief that somehow this will guide every decision point and draw us inexorably towards the vision.


Where Are You Going?

Personal Vision

Whatever you believe, most people live in the moment because this is the focus of work and family issues, where their bills need to be paid, the pay check needs to be allocated. For a lot of people about the longest term planning they do is to decide where to go on their annual vacation. The truth is we are each of us on this planet for a finite time and, although it has perplexed great thinkers since the beginning of civilisation, nobody really knows the purpose or meaning of life. There is one thing we can be sure of though, we should live life to the full, be happy, make those around us happy be they family and friends and to do this we have to act with thought for those around us and always act with integrity.

Setting all this aside we should also spend time creating a vision for what we want out of life, refining it and working towards it. If we don’t have a vision we are just on the ride, wouldn’t you rather take the wheel and go where you want?

Try This Mapping Exercise

Take a sheet of paper and fold it evenly into a quarter size then unfold it flat.

  • In the top lefthand rectangle draw a ‘smiley’ in the middle, in the top righthand rectangle draw a ‘heart’ at the centre, in the lower left rectangle draw a ‘star’ and in the lower right a ‘$’ or ‘£’ or whatever your currency unit.
  • Then fold your paper again so that you can see the ‘smiley’ and create a mind map of all of the things that make you happy, use branches to structure your map into areas and use symbols to illustrate your thoughts. This is your motivation.
  • Once you have done this refold your paper to make the ‘star’ visible, now create a mind map of all the things that you would like others to think or say about you when you are not in the room. This is your personal brand.
  • Rearrange the paper so that the ‘heart’ is on top and create a mind map of all of the things that make you emotional, this could be your children, your partner, your parents. This is your emotional drive.
  • Finally rearrange to put the ‘currency’ symbol on top and create a mind map with major branches for your current situation, the pressures and issues you have and then create a branch to cover how you would like your future financial situation to be, what you aspire to, how you would spend and invest if you had more financial freedom than you do now. This is your financial incentive.
  • Now unfold the paper so that you can see all 4 mind maps on the sheet. Then look for relationships between the four, since you are one person these 4 maps cannot exist without interdependencies. Using a different coloured pen, draw linkage lines for related things.

This single sheet of paper contains the tools you need to develop your personal vision, folded its small enough to carry with you, you can review it on the train, revise and develop it over time. Just don’t leave things to chance!

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