Business Process Improvement

Your business is made up of people and processes primarily and depending on the industry tools.

Inflexion Point Consulting’s primary interest is the success of your business through the expert application and harnessing of people and processes.

Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

We have many years working in different industries where process is paramount. In defence engineering, government contracting and the space industry processes are paramount. A process that is not completely proven can lead to loss of resources including human lives, a process that is inefficient will certainly cost your business money but it will also cost you in terms of reduced commitment and contribution from your people.

Inflexion Point Consulting can apply its breadth of experience to your business process problem be it:

  • Governance, meeting and reporting structures, do you know that a lot of reporting is never read or understood?
  • Programme management, project and portfolio management
  • Procurement, tender assessment, supply chain management
  • Bid vetting, bid production and review
  • Commercial processes
  • People processes for reward and recognition, playing to your teams strengths may be more effective than trying to correct their weaknesses

To discuss how Inflexion Point Consulting can help you please contact us at:

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