Shahida Barick

Sbarick_ppcroppedbwShahida Barick is a Chartered Engineer and an accomplished Business Operations Consultant with over 15 years high profile success working in mission critical aerospace businesses across the globe, providing timely services, with a concentration on business safety, efficiency and follow-through within the government and commercial sectors.

Having graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London in Aeronautical Engineering in 1997, Shahida joined Matra Marconi Space (which later became a part of EADS Astrium) to work on commercial telecommunication satellites where she became an operations engineer within the Launch & Mission group that was responsible for managing the Launch & Early Operations Phase (LEOP) of newly launched satellites in orbit.

In 2002 having become a senior Satellite Operations Engineer and participating in 3 launch campaigns in different roles Shahida decided to take a 6-month sabbatical to travel around the globe independently.  She relished this time away from industry and feels she learnt a lot about herself, as well as having the opportunity to follow her passion for travelling and mountaineering.

Shahida secured her first management position just prior to her travels and on her return she embarked on the role of Spacecraft Management Authority in late 2002/early 2003.  Here she had complete technical responsibility for the SKYNET and NATO IV fleet, all associated ground infrastructure and personnel to ensure optimum performance and service on the £4.0Bn programme for the British Armed Forces.

In 2010 after almost 13 years in commercial and defence programmes Shahida moved to the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop the Concept of Operation (CONOPS) for the satellites on the £4.2 billion Galileo programme, which provides a European alternative to GPS.  ESA recognised Shahida’s field of expertise and asked her to extend her contract by a further 8 months so that she could help secure the next phase of funding from the European Commission for future Galileo products.

In 2013 Shahida collaborated with Inflexion Point Consulting where she’s been responsible for identifying and developing opportunities with key industrial organisations that can benefit from the unique offering of ‘UniTeam’.  Applications include satellite service providers, defence industrial complexes, airlines, airports and health sectors, anywhere where seamless service coherence is paramount

Shahida is a self-motivated, ambitious worker who is organised, quick learning and driven.  She has proven experience as a technical operations manager in government solutions and understands the sensitive nature of government processes and protocol.  Shahida has worked with many cultures from around the world and she prides herself with her flexibility, adaptability and a keenness to achieve perfection in the programmes she delivers and in the people she works with.

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