Sliced Bread V2 – The best thing since sliced bread

To buy or not to buy that is the question

Have you ever wondered what causes us to buy certain products? Think about the iPhone 5 vs Blackberry Z10, I am not going to enter into a technical discussion on the relative merits of the products, visually they both look great and they deliver a host of ‘smarts’ however the decision on which to buy often comes from the heart rather than the head. People identify themselves as Apple people, businesses have long been associated with Blackberry, many companies chose these devices by default and you often see commuters on the train with both, its easy to guess which is their business and personal device.

Our affinity to a particular brand is all down to the company having created a set of brand values that we positively identify with, the clever thing is we are unlikely to make this identification in a systemised way with a spreadsheet, we just know. The same goes for cars, food, clothing, we identify with the brand first and the product later. Of course this only happens when all of the products we are choosing from make the grade and these days an inferior product will not stay around for long.

The best thing since sliced bread!

The best thing since sliced bread!

Concentrate on the packaging

A good friend recently gave me an example of some advice given to someone wanting to start out in the chocolate confectionary business. The advice was providing the chocolate is good don’t spend time on making it better, concentrate on the packaging and the name because if these are not just right nobody is going to be getting to taste the chocolate.

If you have a great new product how do you get people to accept it unless it is under the umbrella of one of the established brands? Starting out in a crowded market is tough, you need to make a splash, make an impact to be noticed.

In today’s world people make decisions in a backdrop of saturated data, we can find anything out from the internet, we can see product specifications, comparisons, reviews, we can trawl for problems and issues, the buyer has never had so much information to base his buying decision on but still he is influenced by the brand. Its a security thing, people want to feel that they have made the right decision, like minded people tend to mix together in peer groups. When you make a purchase subconsciously you are hoping for acceptance, perhaps even admiration from your peer group.

So you might have the best idea, product or service in the world but if its not named or positioned correctly very few people will ever know and then you are limited to word of mouth recommendation.

7 tips for getting your new product or service noticed

  1. Understand your brand values and what your target market is
  2. Get a great name that is consistent with the market you are playing to
  3. Presentation is key, get the colours, fonts, imagery, textures to appeal to your target buyers
  4. Get references, quotes from previous or existing users
  5. Lay down the impression that this is part of an evolutionary set of products or services, not a one off (use a version or number)
  6. Make sure products or services fit the brand, something that doesn’t quite fit will be obvious
  7. Ensure everything you make, write or say is totally congruent with your brand values

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