The Things We Think and Do Not Say

But it’s just a movie…

“The Things We Think and Do Not Say” is the title of the report that Jerry Maguire writes in the film of the same name.

It’s a great title, it is in fact a mission statement for the future of Jerry Maguire’s company. He writes it late one night at a conference after a moment of enlightenment; he types a torrent of words onto page after page in an endless stream, he is inspired.

Jerry's Mission Statement

Jerry’s Mission Statement

If you want to read the full report I pulled a copy from the pigeon hole in the hotel lobby!  this is it

The Key to Success is Personal Relationships

What does he write? Well the gist of it is: “The Key to Success is Personal Relationships”, he proposes that the business will be better with fewer clients and a more personal touch.

In the film this goes against the business values of his company since he argues for fewer clients, less money and this rapidly causes him to get fired!

Ok Jerry Maguire is a great film with some great one liners, so I urge you if you haven’t seen it to go watch it now! Well not just now, at least finish reading this post.

It’s just a movie however the basic tenet of what Jerry is saying is quite profound.

When you do business do you want to work with customers/suppliers/clients who:

  • Change their minds
  • Are not true to their word
  • Deny conversations
  • Manipulate people
  • Abuse your trust
  • Try to get one over on you

Of course you don’t! You want the exact opposite right?

So Here’s the Simple Truth

If you want the opposite, then all of your customers/suppliers/clients do too, because they are essentially the same as you!

If you really want success for yourself or your business here are 7 principles you must adhere to:

  1. Always act with total integrity
  2. Stick by decisions, be true to your word
  3. Have open, clear and friendly conversations, smile honestly, the other party will see when you are sincere and open
  4. Help individuals, get to know them, get them to deliver their discretionary contribution
  5. Engender trust, share a weakness knowing it will not be used against you
  6. Don’t try to score points, if you do the other party will score them back then nobody wins
  7. Listen attentively, the other party has a view and you should hear it, it may really benefit you!

And Finally…

Ask yourself this, which business is likely to be more successful long term:

  • Company A which has many customers but is ‘light touch’ with them
  • Company B who has fewer customers but takes the time to develop great relationships

But think about this in 2 scenarios:

  1. A buoyant economy
  2. A constrained and stagnant economy

You don’t need me to tell you the answer…

Now go watch the movie!


One response to “The Things We Think and Do Not Say

  1. I honestly look forward to you posts Keith -genius thanks, sounds like a model ive seen working in practice – i can absolutely guarantee clients love this approach 😉

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