Does Your Business have Integrity?

Business Integrity

What is the key ingredient for success in business? It’s business integrity, we all know what it is but how well does your business and it’s people walk the talk?

When a company draws up its list of values ‘integrity’ is nearly always included, after all would you like to do business with a company that didn’t subscribe to acting with integrity?

Do businesses ever go beyond the single word? What does it really mean in business and could your business pass the integrity litmus test?

Business Integrity

7 Point Litmus Test for Your Business to have “Integrity” as a Value

  1. Are you open and honest about business and programme failures to your people and to customers and do you make sure any admission comes with a corrective action plan?
  2. Do you strive to meet every commitment you make and never modify a commitment without discussion and agreement?
  3. Do you treat all of your people and customers with respect in exactly the way you would expect to be treated?
  4. Do you uphold a strong moral code, make sure your people are upfront, do the right things and don’t work with hidden agendas?
  5. Do you build and maintain a trusting business environment, remembering that trust is about exposing mutual weaknesses and trusting the other party not to use it to their advantage?
  6. Do you create an environment that looks for continuous improvement of people, processes and tools?
  7. Integrity comes from the top, are  your business leaders and managers doing the right thing and are they being seen doing the right thing?

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