Goals and the Difference between Leadership, Management, and Supervision

Attaining Goals

Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager has posted the following in his blog:

The Difference between Leadership, Management, and Supervision.

What Ken is saying is that all three are in fact leadership roles. No matter whether you’re at the top, in the middle, or supervising people on the front lines, as a leader you first need to make sure that everybody is clear on goals.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? So why in practice does every business on the planet struggle with this to some extent at some time?

Working towards goals

It’s all about clarity of objective and goal setting. People often use analogies from the world of sport in business. In most sports the goal or objective is very clear, it is simply to win. For solo sports its against the clock but that’s ultimately the common denominator for others to compete against. Often there is a team behind the single person, take Formula 1 for example, its not all about the driver, there’s a whole team of engineers, mechanics, logisticians, strategists and physical trainers behind that one person all with the common objective. In team sports, every player has a role to play in the goal of winning and unless they play that part like a piece in a jigsaw it won’t all come together.

One Team

Two short words in fact sum up this entire approach, “One Team”. We have all heard the expression, ‘there is no “i” in team’ but often teams formed in companies and on the sports field are not cohesive. They may all be in the same office or wearing the same shirt but if they are not cohesive they will not be successful. The important thing to remember is that success in business and in sport is relative. Successful compared to other teams, other businesses.

So to achieve success your teams or your business need to be doing something different, something that other teams and businesses are not.

Also see this post on the One Team approach

Try a Different Approach

Try these 5 simple steps to making a difference:

  1. Create a strong team identity – no half measures here
  2. Make goals and objectives very simple and understandable – please no more than 3 points
  3. Empower the team to achieve – give them licence to deliver and to circumvent obstacles
  4. Make it enjoyable/fun and get much more out of your team
  5. Celebrate and communicate success and explain what that success will allow to happen next (then go to 2 and repeat)

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