Strategic Planning & Execution

Strategic Planning & Execution

Sounds good but companies often make it hard for themselves.

Strategy Planning & Execution

Like many things in life we overcomplicate them. Here are 12 tips for successful Strategy Execution.

  1. Once you have a strategy and plan developed, share it with your people otherwise it will never happen
  2. Be inspirational, explain the situation and the intent in simple memorable terms
  3. Explain the plan as well as the strategy
  4. Tell your people what they have to do, by when and what success will mean for them and the business
  5. Communicate meaningfully in their terms and language and test for understanding
  6. Keep it simple stupid, KISS your way to success, if it’s too complex people will not understand, avoid jargon and management speak
  7. Don’t hose your people with data and information, tell stories, people will remember these, potentially for years to come
  8. Solicit their opinions and ideas, defuse any dissent by listening not steamrollering
  9. Set an example, don’t ask your people to do things that you don’t, remember you are looked at 24×7, the way you act, talk and dress
  10. Change your vocabulary, call reorganised departments something new, make a clear distinction between the old and new worlds
  11. Measure and report progress, communicate where the business is to your people, good or bad, you have to share it
  12. Encourage and reward execution, no change can be accomplished without action

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