Strategy – Follow the light

Why do people work?

Most people are prepared to work hard and perform difficult and demanding tasks if they know why they are doing it.

Imagine you are given a really odd task that seems to bear no relationship to the good of the company. Are you going to put your heart and soul into it? Of course not, to get people to follow the light they need to believe it leads somewhere worthwhile!

Follow the light!

Why do strategies fail?

Then why when companies launch new strategies do they often neglect to communicate properly to the very people they rely upon to do the underlying work?

There are several reasons:

  1. Managers think the situation is complex and their workforce will not understand so resort to just telling them what to do.
  2. Managers have a reluctance to share in an open way the root cause of the problem, lest it looks a failing on their part.
  3. Managers assume the workforce already know, industry cutbacks and restructuring in the press.

What to do to get buy-in

The bottom line is if we trust our workforce to implement our strategy we should accept that they have the capacity to understand why we are embarking on this action, then they will engage and buy in and they will release their discretionary contribution to the business. This can be the difference between success and failure of the strategy implementation.


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